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Tooth extractions, dental implants, and jaw surgery all fall into oral and maxillofacial care. Ranging from minor to complex, these oral and maxillofacial treatments provided by Drs. Edward Delgado and Michael Kuzmik are dedicated to providing you with quality oral health care. Our modern practice provides a variety of options to make sure you have a positive, relaxing, and comfortable appointment while at Drs. Delgado & Kuzmik P.C. Alexandria. Board certified in anesthesiology, Drs. Delgado and Kuzmik combine oral and maxillofacial procedures with IV sedation, oral sedation, nitrous oxide sedation, or local anesthesia, depending on the patient and particular treatment. General anesthesia is also available but is typically reserved for more intricate and complex procedures performed within a hospital setting. For more information about dental anesthesia and sedation dentistry, contact our Alexandria, VA office today.

Types of Anesthesia and Sedation Dentistry

Drs. Delgado and Kuzmik have decades of experience helping patients feel at ease during their dental appointment and both have completed extensive general anesthesiology training, including hospital-based residencies. Because of their vast knowledge in dental anesthesia and sedation dentistry, they are able to offer their patients a wide range of options for optimal comfort during oral and maxillofacial treatments. These options include:

  • Nitrous oxide sedation: A colorless and odorless gas that you will inhale before and during your treatment for a calming and euphoric effect.
  • Oral-conscious sedation: You will take this prescription medication (sedative) by mouth one hour prior to your visit. This will help you feel more relaxed and possibly even drowsy during your procedure.
  • Local anesthesia: This numbing agent is administered into the area being treated to minimize sensation in your teeth, gums, bone, and nerves. Local anesthesia is commonly provided in combination with nitrous oxide or oral sedation.
  • IV sedation dentistry: IV sedation is administered intravenously before and during the procedure to provide you a deeper level of relaxation, or "twilight sleep" effect. With IV sedation dentistry, you remain conscious during your procedure but generally remember very little about your visit.
  • General anesthesia: A combination of sedative medications, general anesthesia is administered through a breathing mask or intravenously. This option will place you in an unconscious, sleep-like state.

Best Candidates

If you are having oral surgery, you are likely a candidate for one of our dental anesthesia or sedation dentistry options. These services are customized based on each individual's history, needs, and specific treatment. Drs. Delgado and Kuzmik know some of our patients face dental anxiety and fears and work with each person to ensure they are able to reach an appropriate level of comfort and relaxation for them. Our goal is to provide you with excellent care and maximum comfort during your surgical procedure. Based on all of these results, our oral surgeons will decide if local anesthesia, nitrous oxide gas, oral-conscious sedation, IV sedation, or general anesthesia is best for you.

What to Expect

The sedation dentistry or anesthesia process will vary from patient to patient, depending on the type being used. Before administering sedation or anesthesia at our Alexandria, VA office or in a hospital setting, we will review your medical history, previous anesthetic experiences, and explain expectations and procedure details. Drs. Delgado and Kuzmik will choose the ideal form of sedation based on your anxiety level, the invasiveness of the treatment, and a variety of other factors. Expertly trained, our oral and maxillofacial surgeons will monitor you as they perform your procedure to ensure everything is going as normal.


If you received oral-conscious sedation, IV sedation, or general anesthesia, you will need to have a friend, family member, or trusted individual drive you home from your appointment. It is normal to feel groggy and sluggish throughout the day, but you should be back to normal in about 24 hours. We will provide you with post-treatment care instructions, which we urge you to follow as closely as possible to encourage proper healing and recovery. Some of these things will include drinking a lot of water, avoiding exercising, and not operating heavy machinery.

Insurance Coverage

Anesthesia and sedation dentistry services may be covered in part under your dental insurance. Prior to your visit, we will work with your insurance provider to review your policy and determine if you will have any out-of-pocket costs. At Drs. Delgado & Kuzmik P.C. Alexandria, we want getting quality care to be convenient, which is why we offer a variety of payment methods and accept a number of flexible payment options, including CareCredit® financing.

Oral Surgery in a Relaxed Manner

Getting proper care oral care is vital to your general well-being, and that includes oral surgery when necessary. Drs. Delgado and Kuzmik want you to have an enjoyable visit to our office, no matter what the treatment, which is why we provide a variety of dental anesthesia and sedation dentistry options. To learn more, contact Drs. Delgado & Kuzmik P.C. Alexandria today.

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