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Impacted Teeth in Alexandria, VA

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The teeth are naturally inclined to erupt into the mouth and do their part to support normal oral function. When they become stuck in the gums or jawbone, however, they are considered impacted and may affect your health in a variety of ways. Tooth impaction may result when there is insufficient space in the mouth for proper eruption, or a tooth is malpositioned or angled abnormally within the jaw. At our state-of-the-art facility in Alexandria, VA, board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons Drs. Edward Delgado and Michael Kuzmik routinely treat impacted teeth with their advanced skills and expertise. Our oral surgeons partner with local dentists, orthodontists, and other specialists to identify optimal methods to treat impacted wisdom teeth, molars, canines, and other types of tooth impactions. To learn more about treatment options for impacted teeth, please schedule a visit at Drs. Delgado & Kuzmik P.C. Alexandria today.

Best Candidates

Patients of all ages may experience tooth impaction, which can involve baby (deciduous) and adult (permanent) teeth. Although any tooth can be impacted in the jaw, the condition is most often observed in the wisdom teeth, or the molars located in the very back of the mouth, and the canines, often called "eye teeth." Drs. Delgado and Kuzmik may recommend treating an impacted tooth if it is threatening the health of nearby oral structures or when it is causing discomfort or other symptoms. Children and adults who have any of the following conditions may be candidates for tooth impaction treatment:

  • Overcrowding of the teeth
  • Rotated, tipped, or malpositioned teeth
  • Inadequate space for tooth eruption
  • Delayed tooth eruption
  • Extra (supernumerary) teeth
  • Unusually small dental arches
  • Dental injuries or facial trauma

What to Expect

At Drs. Delgado & Kuzmik P.C. Alexandria, our oral surgeons may use advanced x-rays or iCAT™ 3D imaging to evaluate an impacted tooth and identify its exact location within the jaw. When wisdom teeth are fully or partially impacted, tooth extractions are often the recommended course of care. Alternative treatment options may be recommended when canines or other types of teeth are stuck within the jawbone. These solutions might involve surgically exposing the impacted tooth or orthodontic care to help a tooth erupt into its proper location. In some instances, no treatment may be needed, or our oral surgeons may choose to monitor an impacted tooth over time. As a person ages, however, an impacted tooth may be less likely to erupt. When tooth exposure or surgical extractions are required, our oral surgeons can provide these procedures under sedation dentistry or local anesthesia in our modern surgical center.


Following treatment for an impacted tooth, our surgical staff will provide aftercare instructions. You will need to have an adult family member or friend drive you home if you received oral or IV sedation dentistry for your treatment. Swelling and tenderness in the gums and jaw may be experienced in the days following tooth impaction treatment. Drs. Delgado or Kuzmik will talk with you about what to expect as you begin to heal and may provide medications to help improve your comfort during this time. It is important that you avoid drinking through a straw, using tobacco, or spitting in the first few days following tooth extractions. Instructions on how to clean the treatment site will also be provided by a member of our surgical team. In addition, we will help you schedule a follow-up evaluation at our Alexandria, VA practice so that our surgeons can ensure you heal properly.

Insurance Coverage

Treatments for impacted teeth, such as wisdom teeth extractions, may be partially covered under some insurance plans. To learn about your individual benefits, our insurance coordinator will review your policy and let you know of any potential personal costs. Drs. Delgado & Kuzmik P.C. Alexandria is pleased to accept an array of payment options for your convenience. We can also help you apply for low-interest financing plans that may be available through CareCredit®.

Treat Tooth Impaction

While having an impacted tooth may be common, leaving such teeth untreated may elevate the chance of pain, infection, cysts in the jaw, or overcrowding of the teeth. Visiting an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon can help you manage the condition and protect your oral health and wellness. If you or a family member may have an impacted tooth, we welcome you to schedule a treatment consultation at Drs. Delgado & Kuzmik P.C. Alexandria to meet with one of our caring oral surgeons.

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