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Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Alexandria, VA

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At Drs. Delgado & Kuzmik P.C. Alexandria, our goal is to help preserve your natural teeth as much as possible. Nevertheless, there are some instances in which a tooth or several teeth may need to be removed in order to maintain good oral health. Many patients will need to have their wisdom teeth removed in their lifetime. This is typical because there is not enough space in the mouth for the wisdom teeth to fully grow in. Our board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons, Drs. Edward Delgado and Michael Kuzmik, regularly perform wisdom teeth extractions, as well as other surgical extraction procedures at our innovative Alexandria, VA facility. Additionally, we offer several sedation options to allow our patients to remain comfortable through the entire extraction process. 


Best Candidates

There are several reasons why tooth extraction may be recommended by Drs. Delgado and Kuzmik, such as when wisdom teeth become trapped in the bone or gum tissue. Wisdom teeth most often begin to grow in between the ages of 15 – 25 and need to be removed if they are causing teeth to shift or are causing discomfort. Additionally, if wisdom teeth are unhealthy or impacted, then they could also cause swelling, infection, or damage to surrounding teeth. Using digital x-rays and advanced imaging, our team can assess the development of your wisdom teeth and decide if they need to be extracted in order to preserve your oral health and the look of your smile.

What To Expect

Performed in one of our comfortable procedure rooms, wisdom teeth extractions are completed under intravenous (IV) sedation or other sedation dentistry options. During the procedure, an incision will be made in your gums in order to reveal the tooth being extracted. For several wisdom teeth extractions, the teeth may need to be sectioned and taken out in pieces. This is done carefully as to not disrupt the surrounding tissues or teeth. Once the extraction process is complete, the incision will be sutured and the treated area may be packed with gauze to minimize bleeding. Additional aftercare instructions will be provided by a member of our team to ensure that you heal properly without any complications.


After your procedure, you will need to have a responsible adult drive you home if you underwent IV or oral sedation for your extraction. You should also avoid using straws, smoking, and spitting in order to allow your mouth to heal. For some time after your extractions, you may want to stick to a soft food diet and avoid hot or warm foods or beverages. Pain medications may be prescribed to help ease any discomfort as you heal, depending on the severity of your procedure. Some patients may need to attend a follow-up appointment so that their healing process can be assessed. It is also important that you continue to adhere to a proper oral care routine.

Insurance Coverage

Typically, wisdom teeth extractions are covered, at least in part, by your dental insurance provider. Prior to your procedure, a member of our financial team will contact your provider to evaluate your coverage and additional out-of-pocket costs. At Drs. Delgado & Kuzmik P.C. Alexandria, we also accept several payment methods and can help you find medical financing options.

Surgical Extraction

As a very common procedure, wisdom teeth extractions can help to decrease the risk of future dental issues and help you maintain a healthy smile. At Drs. Delgado & Kuzmik P.C. Alexandria, our board-certified surgeons are skilled in performing extractions while allowing patients to remain comfortable and relaxed. To learn more or to schedule a consultation for a surgical extraction, contact our Alexandria, VA facility.

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